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Raising Baby Chicks 101

Baby chicks

Raising Baby Chicks 101

Raising chickens isn’t complicated, but it can seem that way for novices who want to keep a small flock but lack mentors to learn from.  Fortunately, the growing backyard chicken phenomenon is increasing acceptance of these docile animals in both cities and suburbia. So, how does a person with no chicken experience learn how to start and care for a backyard flock? It is really not difficult, and in many ways caring for chickens is similar to tending a family pet. Chickens, like dogs and cats, need safe housing and nutritious food. To help you understand the ins and outs of chicken-specific care, we’ve assembled a list of key resources and information points. Watch the videos, download the care guide, and follow the links to begin your journey!

Before You Bring Chicks Home

Before you bring chicks home for the first time, there are a few key things to check on, decide, and buy: Can you legally have chickens, what breed do you want and where will you keep them, and a brooder, among other supplies. Videos to watch: Articles to read: Downloadable reference material:

Caring for Baby Chicks

Once you’ve brought home your fluffy little chicks, the care you provide is critical in helping them grow up to be healthy laying hens. These helpful tools will get you on the right track for growing those babies: Videos to watch: Articles to read:

Transitioning to the Flock

After a few weeks of close care in the brooder, baby chicks will start to outgrow their space. When it’s nice enough outside, you can begin planning their move to their permanent home in the coop. Here’s what you need to know to make that transition a successful one: Videos to Watch: Articles to read:

Caring for Adult Birds

Once your birds are grown and in the coop, there is a whole new set of challenges – from predators, to disease, to keeping the coop a healthy environment. Be sure you are prepared with the help from these resources: Videos to Watch: Articles to read:

Understanding Eggs

It’s a wonderful feeling to feed your family with your very own farm-fresh eggs. It’s good to be prepared for all those eggs – from knowing when your girls will start laying for the first time, to understanding how to care for the eggs once you’ve collected them – and all the events that can happen in between! Video to Watch: Articles to read: With the information provided here, you should be off to a great start in the care of your backyard flock.